Continental Ave Townhomes: Three Bedroom Units Townhomes by FSU

$495 per person
SKU: CA 3/2
Property type: Townhome


Spacious, Affordable and in the center of it all. 

Continental Ave Townhomes serves as the perfect home away from home. These units are located off of Ocala rd, just minutes away from Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College. These townhomes are equipped with everything you need and all the space you could want for you, your roommates, and your friends while still being close to campus.  


Price Ranging between $495-$650 per month, depending on the unit. All-inclusive rates are available. Furniture and utility packages are available.

Sorry, no pets allowed.

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Leasing Agent
This Tallahassee native enjoys the parks and trails our city has to offer and plays bass guitar for  the FSU pep band. She is a Real Estate major future Class of 2022 and has fallen in love with the charm of our properties. Her favorite house is 1618 Atkamire and little did she know, many years ago one of the rooms was used as a practice room for a local band. She also is completely fascinated by the bay windows in our Mayhew street houses.  Waking up early is not something this Wonder Woman enjoys doing. She was one of the 357,817 babies born on 01/01/00, a millennium baby.